Gift Club

We seek to empower STL Black Woman by offering financial services, education programs and investing
tools to help them achieve home ownership, economic stability, entrepreneurship and running for
official government offices.
Do you really want to Support Black Women? Here is your chance!
We have partner with a Gifting Community. The “gifting club” is a private club that
often begins in neighborhoods, churches, family and friends, or similar small communities.
This allows the STL BLACK WOMAN to invest in herself and you to help her with her dreams, combining
donations. During this Pandemic crisis in America she has lost everything and she’s trying to rebuild
herself. Nobody is looking for a handout and the STL BLACK WOMAN is too proud to beg!
STL BLACK WOMAN GIFT CLUB – The Gift that keeps on Giving!

Register here
it’s only a gift/donation of $25.00 

How we "Thank You" for your Gift/Donation!

STL Black Woman

I'm Every Woman!